We have an excellent collection of historical reference books and journals here at the Heritage Centre. The topics range from genealogies to Nova Scotia’s history. Here is a list of our books and journals as of summer 2012.

Advancing Agriculture: A Histroy of the Kentville Research Station, 1911– 1986. Government of Canada, 1986.

Anderson, Edward J; Dynes, Robert J.; Gooding, S. James; May, G. Hamilton; Rowe, Brenton S.; Tweedie, George A. (The Upper Canada Historical Arms Society). Historical Arms Series: The Military Arms of Canada. West Hill, ON: Museum Restoration Service, 1963.

Archibald, Frank E. Mostly Maritimers. Windsor, NS: Lancelot Press, 1972.

Bigelow, Patricia, ed. The Bigelow Family Genealogy, vol 1: Six generations of Descentants of John Bigelo (1617-1703) of Watertown, Massachusetts. Chelsea, MI: The Bigelow Society, 1986.

Bird, Will R. Off-Trail in Nova Scotia. Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1956.

Carter, Arthur (designer). Researching a Building in Nova Scotia. Halifax, NS: Heritage Trust of Nova scotia, 1984.

Conrad, Margaret, ed. They Planted Well: New England Planters in Maritime Canada. Frederickton, NB: Acadiensis Press, 1988.

Cuthbertson, Brian. Wolfville and Grand Pre: Past and Present. Halifax, NS: Formac Publishing, 1996.

Davison, James Doyle, ed. Mud Creek: The Story of the Town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Yarmouth, NS: Sentinel Printing, 1985.

d’Entremont, Laurent. The Two Acre Farm: a humorous outlook on the small Acadian farms of Nova Scotia in the late 1940s, 2nd edition. Yarmouth, NS: Two Acre Publications, 1975

d’Entremont, Laurent. Golden Farm Memories: more rural humour by the author of The Two Acre Farm. Yarmouth, NS: Sentinel Printing, 1976

Eaton, Arthur Wentworth Hamilton. The Eaton Family of Nova Scotia, 1760– 1929. [s.l.: s.n.], 1929.

Eaton, Arthur Wentworth Hamilton. The History of Kings County. Belleville, ON: Mika Studio, 1972. Canadiana Reprint Series, no. 38.

Eaton, Charles Ernest. The Nova Scotia Eatons, 1760 – 1975. [s.l.: s.n.], 1979.

Elles, Margaret Adella. West Lines: A Tistorical and genealogical Record. Truro, NS:Specialty Printers ltd, 1978

Fay, Charles Edey. The Story of the “Mary Celeste. New York: Dover Publications, 1988.

Fergusson, Bruce and Pope, William. Glimpses into Nova Scotia History. Windsor, NS: Lancelot Press,1974.

Gwyn, Julian. Planter Nova Scotia, 1760– 1815: Cornwallis Township. Wolfville, NS: Kings– Hants Heritage Connection, 2010.

Gwyn, Julian. Planter Nova Scotia, 1760– 1815: Falmouth Township. Wolfville, NS: Kings– Hants Heritage Connection, 2010.

Gwyn, Julian. Planter Nova Scotia, 1760– 1815: Horton Township. Wolfville, NS: Kings– Hants Heritage Connection, 2010.

Gwyn, Julian. Planter Nova Scotia, 1760– 1815: Newport Township. Wolfville, NS: Kings– Hants Heritage Connection, 2010.

Haliburton, E.D. My Years With Stanfield. Windsor, NS: Lancelot Press, 1972.

Haliburton, Gordon M. Family Ties: The Ancestral and Family Connections of Thomas Chandler Haliburton. Wolfville, NS: Stoney Hill Publishing,1996.

Historic Nova Scotia. Halifax, NS: Government of Nova Scotia

Humphreys, Barbara A. and Sykes, merebith. The Buildings of Canada: A guide to pre-20th-century styles in houses, churches and other structures. Parks Canada, 1980.

Jess, Abram. The History of Scotts Bay. [s.l.: s.n.], 1971.

Kingsport ‘by the sea’ 2nd ed. [s.l.: s.n.],1980.

Layton, Linda G. A Passion for Survival: The True Story of Marie Anne and Louis Payzant in Eighteenth-century Nova Scotia. Halifax, NS: Nimbus Publishing, 2003.

Layton, Mary N. Payzants of Canning, N.S.: Images of Heritage, Home and Community as of 1916– 1945. St. Catharines, ON: 2001.

Macleod, R.C. The North West Mounted Police, 1873– 1919. Ottawa: Love printing Service, 1978.

McCreath, Peter L., Leefe, John G. A History of Early Nova Scotia. Tantallon, NS: Four East Publications, 1982.

Murray, Elinor MacAllister and Parish of Cornwallis. On the Shoulders of Giants: Celebrating 250 Years of Anglican Worship in the Parish of Cornwallis & the 200th Anniversary of St. John’s Cornwallis, Port Williams, Kings County, Nova Scotia. [Port Williams, NS: Parish of Cornwallis], 2010.

Newcomb, Bethuel Merritt. Newcomb Genealogy: Descendants of Andrew Newcomb. [s.l.: s.n.], 1923.

Nichols, Mabel G. Once Upon a Time. [s.l.: s.n.].

Nichols, Mabel G. The Devil’s Half Acre: A Look At Kentville’s Past. Kentville, NS: Kentville Centennial Committee, 1986.

Nova Scotia Historical Society. Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, vol 33. Kentville, NS: Kentville Publishing Company, 1961.

Nova Scotia Historical Society. The Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly, vol 1-10. Halifax, NS: Petheric press, 1971-1980.

Nova Scotia Historical Society. Nova Scotia Historical Review, vol 1-16. [s.l.: s.n.], 1981-1996.

Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society. Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society Journal, vol 1-10. [s.l.: s.n.], 1998-2007.

Peppard, Albert L. The Cox Connection: The Descendants of Captain John Cox (1717– 1789). Greenwood, NS: Valley Genealogies, 1998.

Port Williams Women’s Institute. “The Port” Remembers: The History of Port Williams and its Century Homes. Kentville, NS: Kentville Publishing, 1976.

Potter, Ralph Richard. The Potter Family of the Canning Area of Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada. [s.l.: s.n.], 1998.

Purdon, Charles J. Historical Arms Series: The Snider Enfield. West Hil, ON: Museum Restoration Service, 1963

Rand, Elizabeth. Kings County Vignettes, Vol Two. Kings Historical Society, 1990.

Rand, Elizabeth. Kings County Vignettes, Vol Three. Kings Historical Society, 1991.

Rand, Elizabeth and Margeson, Cathy. Kings County Vignettes, Vol Four. Kings Historical Society, 1992.

Robinson, Ivan Maxwell. Some Robinsons of Kings County, Nova Scotia: With Ancestral Connections to Dunham, Miller, Calkin(s), Chase, Porter and Shaffer, Harris, Croft. Wilmington, Delaware: Self Published, 1993.

Saunders, S.A. The Economic Welfare of the Maritime Provinces. Wolfville, NS: Acadia University, 1932.

Shand, Gwendolyn Vaughan. Historic Hants County. Halifax, NS: Self Published, 1979.

Sheffield, Betsy. The Sheffild Genealogy. [s.l.: s.n.]1990.

Simpson, Ted. The Wrath of the Sea in Nova Scotia. [s.l.: s.n.]

Special Committee, Sheffield Mills Women’s Institute. Grist from the Mills. [s.l.: s.n.]

Spicer, Stanley T. Glooscap Legends. Hantsport, NS: Lancelot Press, 1991.

Spicer, Stanley T. The Age of Sail: Master Shipbuilders of the Maritimes. Halifax, NS: Formac Publishing, 2001.

Taylor, Sharon. Newcomb: The Amazing Book of the Newcombs in Canada.[s.l]Halbert’s, 1986

Trask, Deborah E. Life How Short, Eternity How Long: Gravestone Carving and Carvers in Nova Scotia. Halifax, NS: The Nova Scotia Museum, 1978

Walsh, Waldo F. We Fought for the Little Man. Moncton, NB: Co-Op Atlantic, 1978.

Yeadon, Marina Cavanaugh. The early Dwellings of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia 1754– 1850. Mahone Bay, NS: Settlers Museum & Cultural Centre, 1995