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Montana Slim
Regal Zonophone MR-3337

78rpm record


Made in England

Regal Zonophone MR-3337 78rpm record, Montana Slim, The Old Barn Dance
(above) The Old Barn Dance
Montana Slim 78rpm record Regal Zonophone MR-3337
(below) Broken-Down Cowboy
Regal Zonophone MR-3337 78rpm record, Montana Slim, Broken-Down Cowboy
Library stock number A140

Wilf Carter's records

Regal Zonophone

Regal Zonophone Records was a British record label formed in 1932,
through a merger of British Regal Records and Zonophone.
It was a subsidiary of EMI (Electric and Musical Industries,
the world's largest recording company for decades).

Zonophone and Regal Zonophone (1)
Zonophone and Regal Zonophone (2)
by Douglas Hamilton of NSW, Australia

The Regal Zonophone Label

Regal Zonophone Labels
This site has good images of eleven variations
of the Regal Zonophone label (text is in Russian
but the images are not language dependent).
Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

Regal Zonophone Australian Label

Regal Zonophone New Zealand Label

EMI: A brief history
by the BBC

The History of Nipper and His Master's Voice
by Erik Østergaard

A Brief Chronological History of EMI
In 1971 Electric & Musical Industries Ltd
changed its name to EMI Ltd.

A Brief History of EMI

The History of EMI Music
by Tony Locantro
To avoid bankruptcy, the Gramophone Company and its arch-rival
the Columbia Graphophone Company merged in April 1931
to form Electric and Musical Industries (EMI).

The last new 78rpm record on EMI labels was issued in Britain in 1960.
Early in 1962 EMI notified the retail trade that all 78rpm records
in their catalogue would be withdrawn after March 31, 1962.

EMI Profile

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