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Canning, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Telephone Directory

Effective 17 February 1958
(The first day of dial telephone operation
at the Canning Telephone Exchange)


1958 Canning Telephone Directory, Page 2:   How to use the Dial Telephone
Canning supplementary telephone directory, February 1958, page 2: How to use your telephone
Maritime Telegraph & Telephone Company
Supplementary telephone directory, Canning
Effective 17 February 1958

A large five-cent coin, "fish scales"
This sentence recalls the "fish scales" –
a curious chapter in the history of Canadian coins.
...The use of nickel for Canadian coins dates back to 1922,
when the first large five-cent piece was introduced. Prior to
that time, five-cent coins were much smaller silver pieces –
known as "fish scales" in the Maritimes...

..Because of their very small size, these silver five cent pieces
were sometimes referred to as "fish scales"...
Source: Design in Canadian Coins website, by Patrick Glassford scales (silver five cent pieces) ... pocket change in the
mid-fifties still contained a surprising amount of Victorian silver,
as well as a good supply of Edward VII and George V pieces...
Michael Walsh (in the 1950s living in Moncton, New Brunswick)

...Beginning in 1922, the small silver five-cent piece was
replaced by a nickel coin of a more manageable size...

Public (coin-operated) telephones worked only with "large five-cent" coins.
1920 "fish scale" compared with modern five-cent coin
Comparison of 1920 silver "fish scale" five-cent coin with modern "nickel".

Thanks to Mr. Raymond Dewar.

When making local calls, five digits are enough
When making local calls, five digits are enough.
This convenient shortcut continued to be available
for years (until the 1990s?).
Names for Telephone Exchanges

Front cover: 1958 Canning Telephone Directory
Page 2: How to use Your Telephone (above)
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Acker-Butler
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Caldwell-Feindell
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Fire-Kane
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Kane-Millett
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Milne-Schofield
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Schofield-Young

Canning Telephone History

History of Telephone Companies in Nova Scotia

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