Fieldwood Heritage Society

Canning, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Telephone Directory

Effective 17 February 1958
(The first day of dial telephone operation
at the Canning Telephone Exchange)


1958 Canning Telephone Directory, Page 6:   Kane-Millett
Canning supplementary telephone directory, February 1958, page 6: Kane-Millett
Maritime Telegraph & Telephone Company
Supplementary telephone directory, Canning
Effective 17 February 1958

Note: The 27th section
Everyone knows that our alphabet contains 26 letters. Likewise,
telephone directories are organized in 26 sections, one for each
letter A through Z. That's the way phone books are organized now.

However, once upon a time, Nova Scotia phone directories were
organized in 27 sections. This page of the 1958 Canning phone
book displays the 27th alphabetic division.

Front cover: 1958 Canning Telephone Directory
Page 2: How to use Your Telephone
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Acker-Butler
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Caldwell-Feindell
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Fire-Kane
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Kane-Millett (above)
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Milne-Schofield
1958 Canning Telephone Directory: Schofield-Young

Canning Telephone History

History of Telephone Companies in Nova Scotia

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