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RCA Victor Bluebird
Record Catalog 1941

RCA Victor Bluebird Catalog 1941, cover
size: 5 × 7¼ inches (12.7 × 18.4 cm)

RCA Victor Bluebird Catalog 1941, page 1
Page 1

RCA Victor Bluebird Catalog 1941, page 5
Page 5
"Wilf Carter – see Montana Slim"

RCA Victor Bluebird Catalog 1941, page 14 Montana Slim (Wilf Carter)
Page 14: Montana Slim's Bluebird records issued through June 1941.
This is his complete list of thirty-three 78rpm records, through June 1941.
At the top of the next page another artist's list begins.

Montana Slim 78rpm records
as listed in the RCA Victor Bluebird Catalog
June 1941     page 14
B-5545 The Round-Up In The Fall
Take Me Back To Old Montana
B-5871 I'm Gonna Ride To Heaven On A Streamline Train
The Two-Gun Cowboy
B-6208 Lonesome For Baby Tonight
Hillbilly Valley
B-6515 My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby
Midnight, The Unconquered Outlaw
B-6826 Round-Up Time In Heaven
Dreamy Prairie Moon
B-6827 Roamin' My Whole Life Away
Yodeling Cow-Girl
B-7618 By The Grave Of Nobody's Darling
Talking To The River
B-8111 There's A Love-Knot In My Lariat
My Little Yoho Lady
B-8149 Answer To "It Makes No Difference Now"
Roll Along Kentucky Moon
B-8150 What Difference Does It Make?
Golden Lariat
B-8157 What A Friend We Have In Mother
Where Is My Boy Tonight?
B-8181 Answer To "Swiss Moonlight Lullaby"
Down The Yodeling Trail At Twilight
B-8202 When It's Twilight Over Texas
Memories Of My Little Old Log Shack
B-8241 The Preacher And The Cowboy
Roll On Dreamy Texas Moon
B-8284 When I Say Hello To The Rockies
My Only Romance Is Memories Of You
B-8313 I'm Only A Dude In Cowboy Clothes
My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down
B-8329 The Cowboy Wedding In May
I'm Still Waiting For You
B-8361 Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
That Little Red Patch On The Seat Of My Trousers
B-8374 Old Barn Dance
Broken-Down Cowboy
B-8389 The Fate Of Old Strawberry Roan
Yodeling Hillbilly
B-8425 It's All Over Now
Rattlin' Cannonball
B-8441 It's Cowboy's Night To Howl
Red River Valley Blues
B-8456 When The White Azaleas Start Blooming
My Ramblin' Days Are Through
B-8472 Why Should I Feel Sorry For You Now?
Beautiful Girl Of The Prairie
B-8491 What A Wonderful Mother Of Mine
You Are My Sunshine
B-8517 I Still Think Of You, Sweet Nellie Dean
My True And Earnest Prayer
B-8531 He Left The One Who Loved Him For Another
My Old Lasso Is Headed Straight For You
B-8548 When It's Roll-Call In The Bunk House
I'll Get Mine Bye-and-Bye
B-8566 Back Ridin' The Old Trails Again
My Old Canadian Home
B-8591 Dad's Little Texas Lad
B-8616 Echoing Hills Yodel Back To Me
My Texas Sweetheart
B-8641 You Were With Me In The Waltz Of My Dreams
When That Somebody Else Was You
B-8661 Old Chuck Wagon Days
My Missoula Valley Moon

Label Types of Bluebird Records Antique Phonograph News Jan/Feb 1993
with particular reference to differences in Canadian and American issues
by Colin J. Bray and Jack Litchfield
includes photographs of ten variations of the Bluebird 78rpm record label

RCA Victor Records, History of Recorded Sound in Canada by Steven C. Barr
Canadian Antique Phonograph Society

Montana Slim Postcard 1938, top half
Montana Slim Postcard 1938, top half
Complete postcard, front and back

Montana Slim Song Book 1939, top half front cover
Montana Slim Song Book 1939, top half front cover
Complete front and back covers

RCA Victor Bluebird - list of Wilf Carter records, circa 1949
RCA Victor Bluebird - list of Wilf Carter records, c. 1949
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Country Music People magazine, October 1986 – Cover photo: Wilf Carter
Cover photo: Wilf Carter
Country Music People magazine, October 1986
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I Love To Yodel, CD made in Czech Republic in 2004
"I Love To Yodel" CD made in Czech Republic in 2004

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