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Wilf Carter
RCA Victor Bluebird
2½ million records sold

c. 1949

RCA Victor Bluebird - Wilf Carter - 2 1/2 million records sold
RCA Victor Bluebird: more than two million Wilf Carter records sold

The list below is transcribed from
the sheet above.

The list below is arranged with the records
in numerical order.

Wilf Carter records 78rpm
on the RCA Victor Bluebird label (c. 1949)
B-4600 I Long For Old Wyoming
My Little Swiss And Me
B-4601 The Rescue From Moose River Gold Mine
Keep Smiling Old Pal
B-4602 The Fate Of Old Strawberry Roan
Yodeling Hillbilly
B-4603 Old Barn Dance
Broken-Down Cowboy
B-4604 Dreamy Prairie Moon
Sweetheart Of My Childhood Days
B-4605 Midnight The Unconquered Outlaw
The Fate Of The Sunset Trail
B-4608 Roll Along Moonlight Yodel
Memories Of My Gray-Haired Mother
B-4610 The Hobo's Yodel
Goodbye, Little Pal Of My Dreams
B-4616 Rose Of My Heart
Under The Light Of The Texas Moon
B-4617 Put My Little Shoes Away
Round-Up Time In Heaven
B-4619 There's A Love-Knot In My Lariat
My Little Yoho Lady
B-4620 Where Is My Boy Tonight?
Answer To Swiss Moonlight Lullaby
B-4621 The Hindenburg Disaster
When The Sun Says Goodnight To The Prairie
B-4622 Covered Wagon Headin' West
How My Yodeling Days Began
B-4623 Pete Knight's Last Ride
The Last Ride Down Lariat Trail
B-4624 Old Alberta Plains
Won't You Be The Same Old Pal
B-4627 My Faithful Pinto Pal
I Loved Her Till She Done Me Wrong
B-4632 The Preacher And The Cowboy
Roll On Dreamy Texas Moon
B-4634 Everybody's Been Some Mother's Darling
Dusty Trails
B-4636 I Wish I Had Never Seen Sunshine
You'll Always Be Mine In My Dreams
B-4639 The Cowboy Wedding In May
I'm Still Waiting For You
B-4641 When The Bright Prairie Moon, etc.
Round-Up Time In Sunny Old Alberta
B-4642 By The Grave Of Nobody's Darling
There'll Be No Blues Up Yonder
B-4645 Longing For My Mississippi Home
Don't Let Me Down, Old Pal
B-4646 Ridin' A Maverick
The Cowboy's Heavenly Dream
B-4647 My Old Montana Home
That Tumble-Down Shack By The Trail
B-4648 Down The Yodeling Trail At Twilight
What A Friend We Have In Mother
B-4649 Rootin', Tootin' Cowboy
Little Red Patch On The Seat Of My Trousers
B-4650 It Makes No Difference Now
We'll Meet Again In Peaceful Valley
B-4652 I'm Only A Dude In Cowboy Clothes
My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down
B-4654 I'm Hittin' The Trail
My Brown-Eyed Prairie Rose
B-4656 Golden Lariat
Yodeling Love Call
B-4658 What Difference Does It Make?
Yodeling Memories
B-4659 The Cowboy's Airplane Ride
My Dreams Come True
B-4663 When I Say Hello To The Rockies
Golden Memories Of Mother And Dad
B-4665 When I Bid The Prairie Good-Bye
Memories Of My Little Log Shack
B-4667 Wilf Carter – Blues
My Only Romance Is Memories Of You
B-4669 Headin' For That Land Of Gold
Dawn On The Prairie
B-4672 You Left Your Brand On My Heart
When It's Twilight Over Texas
B-4675 My Yodeling Sweetheart
A Cowboy Who Never Returned
B-4676 My Lulu
I'll Meet You At The Round-Up In The Spring
B-4677 When The White Azaleas Start Blooming
My Ramblin' Days Are Through
B-4682 My Old Canadian Home
Echoing Hills Yodel Back To Me
B-4687 Let's Go Back To The Bible
Old Chuck Wagon Days
B-4695 My Missoula Valley Moon
The Last Letter
B-4697 Back Ridin' Old Trails Again
I Still Think Of You, Sweet Nellie Dean
B-4727 My Texas Sweetheart
If You Don't Really Care
B-4728 My True And Earnest Prayer
Why Did We Ever Part
B-4734 West Of Rainbow Trail
Old Buddies
B-4735 I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
Just One More Ride
B-4738 I'll Always Keep Smiling For You
Sweetheart's Farewell
B-4740 Yodeling My Babies To Sleep
Memories That Never Die
B-4966 The Capture Of Albert Johnson
My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby
B-4968 The Hobo's Blues
A Cowboy's Best Friend Is His Pony
B-4969 Twilight On The Prairie
Little Silver-Haired Sweetheart Of Mine
B-4972 The Round-Up In The Fall
Dear Old Daddy Of Mine
B-4974 He Rode The Strawberry Roan
Take Me Back To Old Montana
B-4976 My Little Grey-Haired Mother In The West
A Little Log Shack I Can Always Call My Home
B-4979 Cowboy Blues
Cowboy Don't Forget Your Mother
B-4980 Lovers Lullaby Yodel
Moonlight Prison Blues
B-4982 I Miss My Swiss
Sway Back, Pinto Pete
B-4983 The Life And Death Of John Dillinger
Awaiting The Chair
B-4985 The Yodeling Trail Rider
Prairie Blues
B-4986 The Hobo's Dream Of Heaven
The Cowhand's Guiding Star
B-4988 Down The Old Cattle Trail
The Hobo's Song To The Mounties
B-4989 The Calgary Round-Up
Pete Knight, The King Of The Cowboys
B-4991 Cowboys High-Toned Dance
By The Silv'ry Moonlight Trail
B-4993 Trail To Home Sweet Home
Returning To My Old Prairie Home
B-4995 My Blues Have Turned To Sunshine
The Dying Mother's Prayer
B-4997 Cowboy's Mother
The Smoke Went Up The Chimney
B-5871 I'm Gonna Ride To Heaven On A Streamline Train
The Two-Gun Cowboy
B-6107 Sundown Blues
Cowboy Lullaby
B-6208 Lonesome For Baby Tonight
Hillbilly Valley
B-6814 Prairie Sunset
I Just Can't Forget You, Old Pal
B-6827 Roamin' My Whole Life Away
Yodeling Cowgirl
B-8149 Answer To It Makes No Difference Now
Roll Along Kentucky Moon
B-8425 It's All Over Now (I Won't Worry)
Rattlin' Cannonball
B-8441 It's Cowboy's Night To Howl
Red River Valley Blues
B-8472 Why Should I Feel Sorry For You Now?
Beautiful Girl Of The Prairie
B-8491 What A Wonderful Mother Of Mine
You Are My Sunshine
B-8531 He Left The One Who Loved Him For Another
My Old Lasso Is Headed Straight For You
B-8548 When It's Roll-Call In The Bunk House Tonight
I'll Get Mine Bye-and-Bye
B-8591 Dad's Little Texas Lad
B-8641 You Were With Me In The Waltz Of My Dreams
When That Somebody Else Was You
B-8696 I Bought A Rock For A Rocky Mountain Gal
Streamlined Yodel Song
B-8753 It's Great To Be Back In The Saddle Again
Call Of The Range
B-8800 La Verne, Brown-Eyed Rose
Ride For The Open Range
55-3201 That First Love Of Mine
Waiting For A Train
55-3202 The Prisoner's Song
Sitting By The Old Corral
55-3209 My Yodeling Days Are Through
I May Be Wrong
55-3212 Our Canadian Flag
There's A Gold Star In Her Window
55-3213 Dreaming Of My Blue Eyes
No Letter To-Day
55-3215 You'll Get Used To It
Put Me In Your Pocket
55-3217 Smiling Thru' Tears
So Hard To Start Over Again
55-3219 Old Shep
My Queen Of The Prairies
55-3221 I'll Never Die Of A Broken Heart
Born To Lose
55-3223 Plant Some Flowers By My Graveside
Farewell, Sweetheart, Farewell
55-3225 I Ain't Gonna Be A Hobo No More
A Sinner's Prayer
55-3229 My Blue Skies
Don't Be Mean I Wasn't Mean To You
55-3231 I've Hung Up My Chaps And Saddle
Memories Bring Heartaches To Me
58-0041 Too Many Blues
Singin' On Borrowed Time
58-0050 Don't Wait Till Judgement Day
Sharing Your Love With Somebody New
58-0058 Hang The Key On The Bunkhouse Door
Rye Whiskey
58-0081 I'm Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox
'Neath A Blanket Of Stars
58-0090 The Midnight Train
The Tramp's Mother
58-0100 One Golden Curl
I'm A Fool For Foolin' Around
58-0108 She Lost Her Cowboy Pal
Don't Cry Over Me
* 48-0054
All I Need Is Some More Lovin'
There's A Bluebird On Your Windowsill
58-0126 Just An Old Forgotten Letter
If We Can't Be Sweethearts Why Can't We Be Friends
* 48-0139
When The Ice Worms Nest Again
Shackles And Chains
* 48-0180
Unfaithful One
Give A Little, Take A Little
* The corresponding 45rpm record number.

Label Types of Bluebird Records Antique Phonograph News Jan/Feb 1993
with particular reference to differences in Canadian and American issues
by Colin J. Bray and Jack Litchfield
includes photographs of ten variations of the Bluebird 78rpm record label

RCA Victor Records, History of Recorded Sound in Canada by Steven C. Barr
Canadian Antique Phonograph Society

Montana Slim Postcard 1938, top half
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Montana Slim Song Book 1939, top half front cover
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RCA Victor Bluebird Catalog 1941, top half front cover
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Country Music People magazine, October 1986 – Cover photo: Wilf Carter
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Country Music People magazine, October 1986
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I Love To Yodel, CD made in Czech Republic in 2004
"I Love To Yodel" CD made in Czech Republic in 2004

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